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Hustler Raptor SD Zero turn drive belt problems

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This is an FYI for anyone who owns a Hustler zero turn. I purchased a 54" in May of 2018 and it's been a workhorse but they do have problems with the hydro transmissions mounting hardware. I have 179 hours on it already and the only problems I've had was the tranny brackets breaking.

In 2019 the cross brace bracket broke, I called the dealer and they picked it up and got it replaced with a new heavy duty bracket. I'm glad they recognized the problem and made a better bracket. If you have a Hustler I recommend contacting the dealer and have it replaced, it's a free upgrade.

Hustler Cross Brace.JPG

This week the drive belt came off again and then broke after putting it back on a few times. I started researching and found it's common for the hydro mounting bolts to loosen and break. I jacked up the mower to check all of the bolts and found the left side hydro bolt loose and it also broke of the tab that it bolts to. I called the dealer and they'll pick it up Monday and get it replaced. I searched the part number and also found that it was also made better so once again if you have a Hustler you need to get those replaced before warranty runs out. The good news is they come with a 3 year warranty and I also purchased and additional 2 years of coverage.

Here's the rear mounting brackets and part numbers.

Hustler Frame.JPG

Hustler Frame Partslist.JPG

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No Photos here either, must be cause we are down under???

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