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A friend of mine is growing his first garden and sent me a photo of his squash last night. He is getting some yield from it but is starting to see some yellowing of the leaves. He is fertilizing it monthly and watering it every other day when needed. It looks like some type of deficiency but I told him I would ask the experts. So what do you guys think? 


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Hard to tell without a closer picture of one of the leaves where it is yellowing.

Personally I would prune off all of the leaves that are close to the ground.

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Disclaimer: All photographs uploaded here were taken for my own use. You do not see any weeds. It is your imagination.
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I see the leaves are drying at the tips which USUALLY mean,along with yellowing, too much nitrogen. I would mix up some epsom salts and stop the fertilizing with nitrogen. Epsom Salt can work wonders if you have a mgnesium deficiency. Far from being an expert since I learned how to garden from the folks on the old forum, but I have had this problem in the past but BigSky is right, its hard to tell. Find out if he used manure, if not, I see a cow in the background. 

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