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Deck gets a roof!

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 If you do get a pressure washer, be sure  to get one  with the down stream uptake for the chemicals.   If not, the chemicals could ruin the pump on it.   I have used a 1 gallon cheap bleach sprayer  ( like used  in a garden) from Lowes and cleaned it after use. It's still working.  My bil insisted on using my 25 g 12 v sprayer to do this house and the chemicals ruined the pump .. but it did save enough time and labor  ffor him to  buy another pump.  ( Lots and lots of white paint again)  

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 Since Jim was motivated to work on the house he ordered more lumber  replaced the old rotten brickmould molding around the two large sun room windows  and started  working on installing the batten boards. He will go back and replace the moldings on the two small windows once our new order of lumber get milled.



We are using rough cut white oak so will have to give the new boards some time to dry  before we  start staining.

My fingers are crossed that everything works out so we can get start in the fall.

 The color scheme  will match what we have on the other structures



More to come:

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21' X 48' High Tunnel

Knox, NY

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