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Folks, it's almost the most wonderful time of year (hunting season).  My daughter married into a family of gator hunters, so the last few years I've taken to starting off my hunting season the last weekend in August chasing gators with the grandkids.  The season got off to a really slow start this year because of the high water from Laura.  It really scatters the gators and makes them hard to get to, but we managed to get all the kids a shot which is really all that matters.  Here's a couple of pics from the weekend.






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Guest bigboberta
2 hours ago, 2010 National Champs said:

Don't shoot them, catch them with your hands like grabblin'. I hope my grandson don't take this hobby up. He grabbled his first cat, a 35 lb blue ,at age 11 and is afraid of absolutely nothing. We have afew gators around here, but they are docile and we just left them alone

I had a fishing camp near New Orleans, and there were alligators all over the place.  If you shined a light down the bayou at night it looked like red stars in the sky.  We swam fished water skied and no one was ever hurt by them if you left them alone.  Now don't go near her nest with eggs.

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The little ones are best to eat, but the hides all get sold.  They are so tightly regulated, any gator that comes in the boat has to get tagged immediately.

Every tag is accounted for, so at the end of the season you have to provide documentation accounting for every tag, and turn in any unused tags.  There's 30 pages of  rules and regulations. 

Nobody is getting rich gator hunting (unless you become a TV star) so we don't sweat all that so much unless we hook a really tiny one, in which case we will do our best to release it unharmed.   They mostly do it just to keep the family tradition going. 

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