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Tiller attached bed shaper row maker.

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I did this video a couple years ago. Not sure i ever posted it on the other BGF. 

But there was a nice comment this morning from someone. He said Mr Donald would be proud. I dont recognize the name from either this forum or the original. It put a smile on my face thinking about that, and remembering all the friends. 


Anyway this may help someone with an idea or even get  a better version going. 


I hope everyone in the storms path made out good.



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19 minutes ago, Boudin said:

Very cool!  I wish I had stumbled on this before I bought the row maker thingy I have.  Would be nice to knock out all in one pass.

@Boudin i made 4 passes. 2 without. Then 2 with. It worked great. No chunks pulled up from the dirt. I actually sold my row makers after making this. 



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