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Fig cuttings

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If you have a place to move them inside during almost any tree will survive. To have them outside is totally different. There are trees that can tolerate cold winter weather but unfortunately I don't have any. The only one I have that may be borderline would be Celeste. I have a brother that lives in Tullahoma TN which is just a little further north than you who had some Celeste planted outside. The trees would die back to the ground each year and come back but never made more than a few figs. He finally after 10 years planted some in large pots which he brings inside during winter. He keeps them pruned back nicely and has to root prune them every 3 years and replenish the soil but now he has some nice figs. If you aren't a member yet of https://www.ourfigs.com/   you should join or at least read the forum. There you will get plenty of info on different tree.

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Hi Dave I just saw this. I wish I would have seen it before this cold snap as I might lose a lot of good cutting wood. If they survive you can have all you want. I heard they were catching them real good nean Smith Ridge If we get some good weather we could give it a  try


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