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Yea, we can count on a steady stream of gun control bills from this crew.  That used to be political suicide for the ruling class, but as we know, it's a different world now. 

They are gonna throw everything they can at the wall and surely some of it will stick.  I fully expect a new assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions at the least.

Not that it will effect me, since I lost all my guns in that unfortunate boating accident.

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26 minutes ago, Lost in Lebeau said:

And all the while they have their armed bodyguards protecting them and live in gated communities. What are they scared of???

A lot, if they know what's good for them. 

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This is a thought...someone sent this to me:  
During Canada’s preposterous long gun registry period many small acts of resistance resulted in its failure. People would return their forms with incomplete registrations. The forms would come back requiring correction. They would be returned with more errors. The department involved got clogged with endless requests in writing, for clarification of this or that rule. In the end what should have been only a few hundred thousand dollars was costing the government millions and they weren’t even close to getting all the guns registered. Plus they had to deal with continuous legal actions. Eventually they gave up and banned the registry. The bureaucrats aren’t the only ones who can play that kind of game.

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The guy that ran the anti-Trump Lincoln Project was caught soliciting underage boys and the media knew it and covered it up because he was working against Trump. Only now, after the election theft, does it come out. Kelly Ann Conways old man is part of that group. They have a messed up daughter,acts somewhat deranged, and I wonder if maybe some of Georges friends did something to her, or maybe fatass George?

EDIT: Well sonuva'***** (as our illustrious pervert in chief says) lookee here what has happened since I posted the above. The reprobate bastards are all snakes, every last one of them would watch their mama get raped by a Chicago drug gang and never lift a finger if it meant getting re-elected. They actually think that us of the unwashed masses will believe this. A brave man only dies once, but a coward dies many times. The so-called Republican party is drinking the wine of their own making and I hope they drown in their own vomit!!!!!!



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