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How did your garden/fruit trees fare from Winter Storm?

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We had a low of 15 degrees here.  I had some Snow Peas planted in December about 12 inches tall and they got burnt pretty bad.  I dug them up today and planted potatoes in their spot. My olive tree about 5 years old looks good, no damage.  My Hamlin Sweet Orange got hit pretty hard, going to loose all its leaves, hopefully not killed to the ground.  My satsuma looks like it is going to be ok, it had more protection on the side of the house.  I had banked sand around my citrus tree trunks and ran a heat lamp on the satsuma.   I also had an old highway smudge pot that I burned under my satsuma that may have helped some.

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My onions are in the same boat as you guys. That sleet and snow sitting on them for three days looks like it did them in. I put hardwood ash on them but it appears that the weather was too cold for them. 

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I was going to order a box from Dixondale. Looks like they are kinda' in the same boat as we are. They got down to 13* with 3 inches of snow and ice, and will be able to ship until this coming Friday.  Not all of mine will die but I guess I'll trying moving some from one row to another. I still have about 100 plants, so I can have a few. I might try to find some locally,too

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