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Grub Worms

Double B

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Since the terrible winter storm we had killed much of our landscaping, I started working up some of the flower beds today. 
Last year it seemed that we had a banner crop of June bugs. Anytime you were sitting out in the evening with the light on, you were covered up with June bugs. 
The lady next door told me that grub worms were the larvae stage of the bugs and apparently they can devour the roots of your grass. 

I try hard to keep a really nice lawn and towards the end of summer I started noticing some dead spots. They did not appear to be chinch bugs and I wondered what it was. Today I worked up about 100 square feet of flower bed and killed 27 grub worms. It seemed like a lot considering it wasn’t much space. 

Have any of you dealt with this problem before? I am going to look for a solution before these things hatch out and become more of a menace than they were last year. 


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G'day DB,

We call them cut grubs down under , They are the early stage of black beetles & will destroy your lawn in patches to start with, unless treated it will get worse .Yates garden products make a spray for removing the problem So I am sure you guys will have a horticultural company with the similar solution. Regards Pete

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yep, my wife just worked up about 20' of a flower bed and found 5 of these suckers.........and the chickens devoured them up in no time.

Hoping they won't be a problem this year.

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