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The guide we use on lake Sam Rayburn posted this photo yesterday. Apparently this guy caught a crappie and was reeling him in when the bass swallowed the crappie. The bass weighed 9 lbs. I have fished a lot in my life but never had an occurrence like this. Have any of you?



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Double B, I have had that happen a few times too.   Biggest was when I was in college back in the 80's, I took one of my professors out fishing (said he was an expert, but quickly proved that wrong when he reeled a bass all the way up to the rod tip, on one of my rods, lifted it in and broke the rod....#$%&^@) and we were crappie fishing.  I caught a small bream on a jig and was reeling it in and a bass came out of a bush and grabbed it.   I fought it for a few seconds but realized I needed the bass to swallow it so I gave it slack.   Finally got it in the boat.  It weighed 7.5 pounds........the bass, not the bream.🤪

My daughter has also caught several walleye when we'd fish up in Canada that would have a Northern pike grab it while the fight was on.   Caught 2 pike that way one year.

I am sure there will be others chime in, so this will be a fun post.


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I had it happen a few times when I would carry my wife bream fishing, she did also. Using 4-6 lb lines, we never got one in the boat, but loved letting them swim around with it in their mouths. Over the course of my life, I got to do what I loved best, fish. I fished all over the south and Mexico and lived on one of hottest lakes in the nation. I fished a tournament every weekend and caught probably 100 bass over 10lbs. My health ended that, along with my wifes desire that I stop due to her concerns regarding my health. I try not to even think about it anymore. So, those of you that are still able, enjoy it because you never know when you may not be able to go

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